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Criminal Defense Attorneys need a proven and established Investigator to provide professional defense investigation to support advocacy of the accused Client and to insure the protection of the Client's Constitutional Rights.

ATLAS INVESTIGATIONS has a reputation throughout the Southern Minnesota area of providing excellent and intensive support of the Rights of the accused by providing a thorough and factual investigation to help insure Due Process and Fair Justice. We provide "critical thinking" and essential Investigative practices into all aspects of the Defense case to include initial case review and preparation, the location and interviewing of any and all witnesses or potential witnesses, to obtaining written or recorded statements, evidence collection, review of Police reports and information, completion of background investigation into witnesses, the reporting party and any involved family members or other associated parties to the case, the interviewing of all of these individuals, crime scene and document review, neighborhood and regional canvassing, trial exhibit preparation, evidence presentation and ultimately Court testimony.

ATLAS INVESTIGATIONS has extensive experience, training and a proven history in reaching favorable results for our Clients and their Attorneys in Criminal cases involving allegations of Murder, Attempted Murder or Manslaughter, Criminal Sexual Conduct or Assault, all types of Physical Assault, and Drug/Alcohol related charges throughout the area. Our assistance in these types of cases have led to favorable plea negoiations for the Client, reduced Jail and Prison sentences, Acquittals, and total dismissal of charges prior to Trial by Prosecuting Authorities after reviewing the evidence and information we were able to obtain in Felony level cases.

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Atlas Investigations, A Full Service Private Investigation Agency Serving Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin

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