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ATLAS INVESTIGATIONS can assist you with Surveillance in evaluating an Injury Claim, Employment problem, Domestic/Spousal, or a Child Custody/Visitation issue. We have over 29+ years of total work experience in all of these areas, and have been obtaining favorable results for our own Clients throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa since 1994.

Requirements For Hiring a PI Firm

Domestic, Marital, & Post-Divorce Surveillance

Child Custody Surveillance

Parenting & Visitation Surveillance

Insurance Fraud Surveillance

Workers' Compensation Surveillance

Bodliy Injury & False Claims Surveillance

When hiring a Private Investigative firm, you should require that the firm meet all of the following requirements:
  • That the Agency and all of it's Investigators be fully licensed, bonded, and insured for the States that they perform work for you in.
  • That an Agency require that all Investigators are properly trained and complete annual Continuing Education courses in the Private Investigation field.
  • That the Investigator actually working on your case have several years experience and field training as a Private and Legal Investigator who has worked on a daily basis with Attorneys, Insurance Carriers, Self-Insured Entities, Businesses, and Private Individuals. (Not just a "former" Law Enforcement or Govt. worker, turned "P.I.")
  • That you be allowed to have direct contact with the actual Investigator who is working on your case, (Not just getting third-hand info. from the Boss or Marketing person.)
  • That the same Investigator who worked your case will be available at a future date to testify in a professional manner at any Hearing or Court proceedings to present the evidence that has been correctly documented and preserved.

ATLAS INVESTIGATIONS meets and exceed ALL OF THESE REQUIREMENTS, and are also aware of the sensitive legal issues relating to Surveillance. We will conduct our work as professional and discreetly as possible at all times, and will ensure that the use of the information and evidence obtained for future Court proceedings with not be put at risk. ATLAS PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS have extensive field experience and are highly trained Surveillance Specialists that use the latest "high-tech" video equipment, utilize fully equipped Surveillance vehicles and have access to "state of the art" Covert Surveillance equipment. Our Cameras range from DV camcorders and SLR Digital Cameras, to Miniature Virtually Undetectable Video Cameras.


Digital Video Camera


Digital Camera


Domestic, Marital, Post-Divorce, and Child Custody/Visitation Investigations

ATLAS INVESTIGATIONS has been very successful over the years investigating the often sensitive and emotional issues relating to the proving a Spouse, Domestic Partner, or Significant Other is not being truthful and faithful in an established relationship. In addition to securing documentation in these types of Investigations, we can assist in the same way in Child Custody issues, Visitations, Court-Ordered Parenting Plans, Parental Interference, and other issues relating to family matters or domestic problems and insecurities.

ATLAS INVESTIGATIONS can also assist you with determining if your family members may be exposed to individuals with criminal records, drug/alcohol related problems, or abuse related issues, so that any children exposed to these parties are properly protected from undue harm or exposure to illegal habits or activity.

We can also assist with Post Marital related issues such as reducing or increasing Spousal Maintenance or Support obligations when "new" Partner Co-Habitation or Employment changes can be documented.

Insurance Fraud, Workers Compensation, Bodily Injury, and False Claims

Dishonesty in the reporting of, collecting benefits for, and "malingering" relating to Bodily Injury or Workers' Compensation claims can be time consuming for the Insurer, the Insured, the Court, Legal, and Medical systems, and all parties involved in the processing of a Claim that has been fraudulently filed or allowed to continue without further Court and Medical review. Documenting a claim is not difficult if you have the experience and take the time to understand the Client's needs to prove or disprove any alleged disability, and then having the resources and knowledge to properly complete background and pre-Surveillance checks to attempt to determine the habits and personality of the "Subject". ATLAS INVESTIGATIONS has over 29+ years of Private & Legal Investigation experience with the handling of Insurance claims of all types, and thus we understand that the more we know ahead of time, the more likely we are to obtain favorable results to prove or disprove the validity and merit of a Claim. This will ultimately save the Client money for unnecessary Surveillance time and expenses.

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