Insurance & Injury Claims Investigations


Whether you are the Injured Party filing a Claim or the Party or Entity having to defend a Claim being filed against you, a Professional, Thorough, and Detailed experienced Field Investigator must be immediately hired to assist with the collection of evidence, locating and interviewing of witnesses, reviewing, photographing, and video documentation of the accident scene or incident site, of all vehicles, or other associated equipment involved, to help the Attorney or Claims Adjuster with a complete "over-all" review of the evidence, and reported details of an incident to properly process any type of Claim.

ATLAS INVESTIGATIONS has over 29+ yrs. of experience investigating and obtaining favorable results for our Clients with all of the following types of Injury related Claims:

  • Auto, Truck, Bus, Motorcycle, Boating, ATV, or Snowmobile related accidents
  • Pedestrian and Bicyclist related accidents
  • All types of On-the-Job related Injuries and Workers Compensation accidents
  • Farming and Construction related accidents
  • Railroad and Light Rail Train Crossing Accidents
  • Liquor Liability and "Dram Shop" related Claims
  • Bar Fights and all types of Assault related Claims
  • Slip and Fall Claims
  • Dangerous Property Conditions and Building Code Violations
  • Premise and Unsafe Products Liability
  • Defective Construction or Malpractice Claims
  • Dog Bites and Animal attacks
  • Subrogation and Asset Recovery


Wrongful Death Lawsuits are filed when the beneficiaries of a deceased wish to file a Claim against the person, persons, or entity they believe to have been responsible for the untimely death of their loved one. Often, the claim asks for recovery of lost wages from a work life cut short, along with considerable damages awarded to compensate the family for loss and suffering, loss of income, medical bills, and other associated costs with the death. Typically, Wrongful Death Lawsuits are about large monetary settlements to be won through proving that the accused party is guilty of negligence in the death of their loved ones.

ATLAS INVESTIGATIONS has been assisting Attorneys and Family Members for over 29+ years with the Investigating and Processing of Claims relating to the Wrongful Death in Auto, Farming, and Construction related accidents, to Products & Liquor Liability related Deaths.

In most States, Wrongful Death Claims must be filed within a Limited Time Frame, thus it is very important that you retain an Attorney and experienced Private Investigator to collect the evidence and interview the relevant witnesses as soon as possible, before memories fade, evidence is destroyed or lost, employees quit or witnesses move away or lose interest in wanting to assist with the Investigation.

ATLAS INVESTIGATIONS will be able to assist your Attorney in collecting the evidence of negligence that you will need to prove your Case, or to determine whether your Case has merit or is worth pursuing prior to any Statutory time limits expiring.

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